Uninformed Man Has Some Comments To Make About US Women Equality Campaign

INTERNET - An uninformed man reportedly has some comments to make about the campaign of the United States women towards equal pay.

"LET ME EXPLAIN TO YOU WHY THEY ARE WRONG," Mr David Barrows stated as he began typing a 10 bullet point comment online about how these womens are just totally wrong. 

Despite having done absolutely zero research on the topic, the availability of the internet as his bullhorn has allowed Mr Barrows to comment on a number of topics that he has no actual knowledge about including reproductive rights, women's soccer, women's basketball and the emasculation of men by a secret cabal of hollow earth Amazonian women who look like his ex-wife Deborah.

"This is just another example of why the patriarchy is in decline," stated Mr Barrows to The Nutmeg News on Thursday morning. "Women don't deserve to be paid commensurate with what they earn. Have you ever seen Women's basketball? I haven't but I heard it is just awful. No one cares about women's sports, ever. I make it a point to tell everyone that in every single newspaper column comment section that has reported on this debacle. Despite having not looked any of this information up I'm sure that the men's version of whatever they are complaining about brings in more money. I'm dead certain of that."

Mr Barrows ensured that he covered the full spectrum of commenting including his twitter account, comments on newspaper sites and Facebook. 

"The people must know! Women shouldn't make more money than I make. Their opinion of this somehow threatens something of mine directly, despite me not getting any money from the US Soccer Federation nor being able to articulate exactly why this infuriates me so much. This is about my opinion meaning a lot because I'm a white guy with a lot of time on his hands."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr Barrows starts a successful subreddit to complain about Women soccer players in the United States requesting equal money to men.