Woman's Soccer Fan Bravely Soldiers On Despite Being Wrong

Des Moines, IA - Women's soccer fan Elizabeth Godos bravely soldiered on wither her opinions on Tuesday despite being very wrong about nearly all of them.



The Nutmeg News spoke to Mrs. Godos friend Carla Peres about her friends opinions and she had the following to say, "Well, Liz is often really really wrong, but the thing that she has going for her is the ability to just ignore common sense and forge ahead with a bunch of bullshit opinions about the game that make no sense whatsoever. She is just the consummate warrior, soldiering on with her horrible opinions despite having the facts lobbed at her like grenades. She isn't really like that in real life, but on the internet.... ugh... just forget about trying to talk any sense to her."

While Mrs Godos has the unique ability to ignore the signs that she is incorrect, she also has the technique to lash out in a 360 degree direction against everyone that tries to reason with her.

"Fuck that. Fuck Them. and Fuck Off. The USA is the #1 nation in the world, our team is the best, our infrastructure is the best, our development is best, our players are the best and the clubs here in the stupid NWSL are just in desperate servitude towards expanding our empire of trophies in international competitions. I hope everyone understands how bad every other team, player and country in the world is at soccer," spewed Mrs. Godos on her twitter account in a multi tweet rant.

Reportedly Mrs. Godos stated more but she blocked The Nutmeg News after we asked about players outside the United States that were, reportedly, fantastic players in their own rights.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when we speak to Mrs. Godos' husband, Charles, who is also an opinionated dickhead about the game in the United States.