Bloggers Quote Each Other As Source

Portland, OR - Adversarial bloggers James Smith of and Tom Hollister of reportedly both quoted each other as "source" during the recent Darlington Nagbe to Glasgow Celtic transfer saga.

Smith and Hollister during their cooperative phase.

Smith and Hollister during their cooperative phase.

"A source is telling me that the Nagbe to Celtic deal is dead," stated Smith online as he utilized Hollister's blog posts as a source.

"Nagbe To Celtic: DEAD," stated Hollister on his twitter account as he reiterated Smith's rumor mongering reports.

Smith and Hollister used to work together on a collaborative blog called before falling out over perceived personal slights, the difference in opinion over Andrew Jean-Baptiste and Hollisters insistence that they use Times New Roman as a font which Smith called out as being derivative. 

Both bloggers blocked each other on twitter via their personal accounts, but still utilize the other as a factual source, despite their hatred.

"The Timbers pulled the plug, according to sources," stated Smith on his twitter account as he directly referenced Hollisters 1000 word guess work column titled How The Deal Could Fall Apart. The mentions on Smith's twitter account flooded in with other fans questioning how he could possibly know such a thing.

"According to sources, The Timbers and Merritt Paulson walked away," stated Hollister as he referenced Smith's reference to the Timbers needing to walk away if the price wasn't right.

Both Smith and Hollister relentlessly subtweeted the other in the wake of the sources announcements in a effortless circle jerk of stupidity as they flooded Timbers Twitter with less than factual information in their quest to be the first person to have the right information.

As Smith stated, "You can't trust other accounts that won't tell you the truth. Most of those accounts are just re-tweeting Taylor Twellman East Coast news."

Hollister, for his statement, fired a shot across the bow of Smith stating, "You can't trust low follower accounts to give you news. The deal is 100% dead. Here's a Taylor Twellman tweet that shows I was right."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hollister and Smith both write 1200 word statistical columns specifically tailored to prove Darlington Nagbe's worth to the club.