US Star Alex Morgan Heading To France To 'Get Paid'

Alex Morgan, one of the most prominent advertising examples in women's soccer, announced that she was heading to France to, "get paid," as she announced her signing with Olympique Lyonnais via lighting a cigar with a $100 bill.

"That's where the money is, and that's where I'm going."

"That's where the money is, and that's where I'm going."

"I like money. I'd like more money. This is where Olympique Lyonnais comes into the picture," stated Morgan to a collection of account executives and brand managers for Coca-Cola, Trident, and Degree antipersperant. "The average career in women's soccer is so short that it basically doesn't exist. I've made some money, and I'd like to make some more. While the stipend that the US gives me for playing in the NWSL is ok, I want to make, 'have my own personal blanket with my face on it' money that Cristiano Ronaldo currently is enjoying."

Reportedly Morgan told her sponsors that her moving to Europe will allow them a whole new window of possibilities with regards to branding as she stated, "Sure, this stuff will be good for my game, but more importantly this stuff will be great for my portfolio! Let's get out there and make some money!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Morgan misses 2/3rds of the NWSL season and comes back just in enough time to upset the team dynamics of the Orlando Pride.