Wayne Rooney Admits He Is Considering Switching to USA After Being Dropped To England Bench

England captain Wayne Rooney says he is considering switching to the United States after he was dropped for Tuesday's World Cup qualifier against Slovenia.

"I wonder if I could get an endorsement deal with Red Robin."

"I wonder if I could get an endorsement deal with Red Robin."

The current Manchester United player and future NYCFC bench option admitted that he has reached out to Jurgen Klinsmann to see if the former Bayern Munich boss can re-ignite his international career by allowing the Stars and Stripes convert to lineup in the Red, White and Denim.

"Jurgen was very interested in the idea, but he insisted that I continue sitting on the bench at Manchester United so that he could have at least one player actually on a team in England," stated Rooney to The Nutmeg News on Monday evening. 

Reportedly, while FIFA does not allow capped players to switch international teams, they also really like money and Sunil Gulati has indicated he is not above bribing an official to get Rooney on Team USA.

"We can make this happen. I learned everything I need to know from Jack Warner. I'm just saying, don't count the USA out. We are in the Rooney sweepstakes."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Rooney states that he really is well and truly chuffed regarding the United States.