Obafemi Martins To Change Obaflip Celebration To Ornate Display Of Japanese Tea Ceremony Etiquette

Seattle, WA - Obafemi Martins announced on Monday that he would be abandoning his traditional "Obaflip" celebration of a cartwheel into a backflip for an ornate and erudite celebration that involves a display of Japanese tea ceremony etiquette.

Example given by Obafemi Martins of his new celebration with Mt Ranier off in the distance.

Example given by Obafemi Martins of his new celebration with Mt Ranier off in the distance.

"I have realized that the Obaflip, at my age, has begun to be dangerous. So instead I am going to show my love of tea ceremonies and my understanding of the etiquette required for formal Japanese tea ceremonies as my new, age-appropriate goal celebration" stated Martins on his Facebook post announcing the change.

Reportedly Martins will don a kimono and hakama stored at the back of the net and involve teammates in the tea ceremony celebration by having them bring the Hachi filled with Wagashi sweets followed by the optional Omogashi served with Kuromoji. The player acting as his Teishu (who reportedly will be Jordan Morris) will serve and bow to Martins before Martins picks the Kuromoji up by utilizing only his right hand and transferring one piece of Omogashi to the Kaishi paper.

Martins indicated that the goal celebration would not be over until the Shokyaku received the word that the guests (the goal scorer and the person who assisted on the goal) at the tea ceremony goal celebration had enough green tea. At this point the Shokyaku would clean up and finish the celebration and Martins would return to the field of play. 

Martins stated that the ceremony celebration may take upwards of 2 hours to complete but that once people understood the importance of ritual as it pertains to both celebrations and ceremony that they would grow to enjoy. 

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Martins finds that he cannot hide a Chashaku in his jock as a celebration prop.