MLS Live Renewal Reminds Man To Set Up His VPN Services

Baltimore, MD - The email from Major League Soccer about MLS Live reminded Derek Blaylock to research and set up his VPN services to skip the stupid blackout restrictions that exist on the streaming service

"So you say, but I disagree" - Derek Blaylock

"So you say, but I disagree" - Derek Blaylock

"I always appreciate Major League Soccer reminding me to renew my vpn subscription. Their email is my annual kick in the pants to ensure that I start getting my vpn tested and set up in order to get around their draconian blackout setup in order to utilize MLS live fully" stated Mr Blaylock to his Facebook page.

With Major League Soccer continuing to push forward with a great service only encumbered by the stupidity of blackout rules, Mr Blaylock has committed to continuing to pay for MLS Live as well as a VPN in order to utilize the service fully.

"I don't want to get something for nothing," stated Mr Blaylock to The Nutmeg News on Wednesday. "I want a streaming service, and I'm paying for a streaming service. It's not my fault that these stupid blackouts exist.  I'm watching all the games I want, the way I want, at the time that I want and they can't do a damn thing about it.  I'm paying my $64.99 and I'm paying for my VPN service and I'll be damned if a disclaimer is going to stop me."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr Blaylock tries to explain how to set up a VPN to his less than tech savvy friends in the comments section of his Facebook post.