Colorado Rapids Fan Really Doesn't Deserve Better

Littleton, CO - James Argus, a Colorado Rapids fan and all around dickhead, has been found of deserving exactly the team he is currently getting as the Colorado Rapids find a way to jerk around everyone within a 200 mile radius of Commerce City.

"Screw you, Jimmie. I hope that's acid rain."

"Screw you, Jimmie. I hope that's acid rain."

"Yeah, James is a prick" stated David Grant, ex-friend of Mr Argus. "He deserves this team and they deserve him." Reportedly, Mr Grant is still upset after Mr Argus stuck him with the last months rent and ran off with their $1800 security deposit from 7 years ago.

The Nutmeg News spoke with ex-girlfriend Sandra Davidson who had the following to say, "James deserves every bit of misery heaped upon him by Stan Kroenke and any sports team he follows. I don't wish ill will against all the rest of the fans of the Rapids, but anything that makes James miserable is something I support."

While Rapids fans are understandably invested in their team and upset at current events, that doesn't stop all the people that know Mr Argus from hoping that his spirit is crushed by the teams he follows.

"Jimmie Argus? Screw that guy. I hope the Rapids fold" said Mr Argus math teacher from Highland's Ranch high school. "Just know that I think Stan Kroenke is a terrible owner, I mean... look at the Nuggets, but dammit.... James doesn't deserve a good soccer team."