TNN Style And Brand Watch: City And United, Rising - Regionally Appropriate Nicknames, Falling

HI FRIENDS, The Nutmeg News style editor, man about town and resident brand expert Stephen Harrow here to tell you about the trends in Men's soccer in the United States for 2016.

Well, kick this thing right off with the #1 trend of 2016:



YES, brand recognized important demographic of readers and viewers, City and United are the way forward for your club or franchise team branding while nicknames like Whitecaps, Sounders, and Timbers are on their way out. The branding experts have spoken and their focus groups of unaffiliated people in the office that were pulled out of accounting meetings think that Location followed by United and/or City speak to a general fan, while also conveying an ideal of dignity and universality. 

City and United, as branded entities, bring us together and most of them also give an air of the European to our provincial leagues which helps bring on board those that think names like Chicago Sting are stupid! As our brand experts indicate, the only thing about City and United that will offend someone is the lack of effort put forth towards picking a different name. 

YES, FRIENDS. The brand of your club is the methodology by which the front office engages you at a specific price point for an exchange of entertainment! It's SCIENCE! 

What The Nutmeg News style board is looking for in 2016 is branded and appropriately marketed supporters groups in Major League Soccer. Names like Timbers Army, Emerald City Supporters, The Southsiders, and The Cauldron are all woefully out of date when it comes to current branding trends. 

We hope to see Portland City Supporters United, Or Seattle United Soccer Club City, or possibly Vancouver City United Football Club Supporters, or possibly Kansas City City United Supporters United Football Club (KCCUSUFC). The way forward for these groups of fans is appropriate branding and a concerted effort at trademarking while expanding their brand potential through social media! 

So keep on trend and keep on brand, friends. We will see you in the future for more TNN style trends and brand watch!