Area Woman Has Very Specific Thoughts On How To Fix Major League Soccer TV Ratings

Soccer fan and full time internet comment aficionado, Inez Barros, has some very specific bullet points on how to fix Major League Soccer (MLS) television ratings and she wants the MLS front office to know that the implementation of these methodologies will likely not only fix MLS ratings but fix soccer television ratings for all leagues in the US and Canada, forever.

"This is the only way to fix our moribund television ratings," said Barros on a facebook post regarding the dismal ratings  "I know how it has to be done and it isn't being done right now."

The Z-Axis on this is completely and factually correct.

The Z-Axis on this is completely and factually correct.

The list that Barros detailed includes the following specific items.


#1 Sign Lionel Messi

#2 Sign Cristiano Ronaldo

#3 Sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic

#4 Sign Raheem Sterling

#5 Make teams more popular locally

#6 Institute promotion relegation

#7 Make a team in Miami popular

#8 More sexy football

#9 Make people like the game in places where they don't like the game

#10 Make the NFL go away


These are only the first 10 of Ms Barros 200 point plan that she detailed in the comments section on Wednesday afternoon. 

"They just aren't doing it. The thing is so simple. Why can't they do it? They just hate us all the time. Just sign Messi and people will magically start caring immediately," said an irate Barros to this reporter. "I just hope that they will hire me to run things for MLS because I can make Television happen. I know how to fix things."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as this subject continues to rage on and on long after the polar ice caps melt and we are all sunning ourselves on a beach in Littleton, Colorado.