"It was all a dream, I don't support a soccer team!" says fan at Gillette Stadium

Foxborough, MA - "I...feel... maybe.. Oh.. I don't know..... I feel like I might have been here before," said Jessica Halvorson as she walked into Gillette Stadium to watch the New England Patriots kick off their 2015/16 National Football League (NFL) season against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"I have this feeling like I remember the stadium, but it was a quarter full and you could hear the echo of the crowd bouncing off the stadium back to you. That can't be me, though. I'm an NFL fan!"

After a lengthy investigation, The Nutmeg News was able to independently confirm that Ms. Halvorson and her two boys purchased season tickets to the 2015 New England Revolution season.

"This... THIS is America" said Ms. Halvorson while walking the concourses of Gillette in her custom Tom Brady uniform. "The fireworks, the full stadium, the people cheering for a head caving hit that results from a pass thrown across the middle of the field. We need blood in our game. We need grit in our game. We need our carnal Roman side to be awakened by gladiators in poorly fitting pants hitting each other in the head until they fall down exhausted. We need men that stick their body on the line every play even with the possibility of brain damage. That ever present threat of long term injury combined with long passes down the field to wide receivers is what gives this game the presence of the American Dream! In one second you might be a multi-millionaire, in the next second you might be a vegetable!"

The Nutmeg News was able to verify that in June of 2015 Ms. Halvorson posted the following on her facebook page.

"Had a ton of fun with the boys at the Revolution game!"

Then in July of 2015 Ms. Halvorson posted the following with a 35 picture gallery.

"Another great day to watch the Revs play! The boys got their picture taken with Jermaine Jones!! #NETID I love this game!"

Then in August of 2015 Ms Halvorson posted the following statement with a 2 picture gallery.

"My friends and family at the Revs game! Love them all! Go Revs!"

When The Nutmeg News asked Ms. Halvorson where her sons were on Thursday night she said, "I don't bring them to NFL games! It's way, way too expensive. Plus there are usually drunken fights. No, this scene isn't for kids. It cost me so much money just to get in the door that to bring my sons I would have to take out a personal loan. The boys are over at my sisters house. I dropped them off with their PS4 console so they could play FIFA 15."

While Ms. Halvorson desperately cheered for Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots she spoke once more, "Maybe it was all a dream. I don't support a soccer team. That's it. It was all a dream. LET'S GO PATRIOTS!"