FC Edmonton Sponsors "Full Monty Night"

Edmonton, AB - After the behavior of some of their fans lent themselves to a bare-assed approach to supporting their team, FC Edmonton decided to play along by having a "Full Monty" night for their home game against the New York Cosmos on September 27th. 

This is what I think about about Calgary!

This is what I think about about Calgary!

The Eddies front office claim that the first 100 naked people in the stadium will get free entry, an FC Edmonton branded genital shield and an embroidered robe for their walk back to the car.

"We believe in the free expression of everyone's bodies" said General Manager and really cool dude about nudity, Rod Proudfoot "It's important for everyone to be comfortable in their skin, even if that skin is really pasty. We certainly hope that we end up with a crowd of reasonably fit nude fellas and ladies that will support FC Edmonton. However, we want to say NO LOOKY LOOS. You come here to get nude and cheer for our boys or you can get out!"

While some say that supporting a team naked has nothing to do with the team itself, the bare assed men of FC Edmonton say different. Supporter Kevin McSweeny said the following, "When we have nothing on, we have given everything to the team. I don't think it is important for the team to see my junk nuggets, but I do think it is important for the team to understand that I will SHOW my John Thomas for the team. I'm talking about my cock, of course."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as it happens.