Cosmos Admit Blood Feud With MLS After Gomez Snub

NEW YORK - The New York Cosmos admitted that they have started a blood feud with Major League Soccer after the Major League Soccer reportedly worked a back-room deal to take Herculez Gomez away from the NASL club.

"We sent a message to those guys. 10 of you, 10 of us, bats, chains, and knives... no guns. Behind Lin's Laundromat on 1st. You know where it is. No blows to the face, we gotta work" said Cosmos Director of Fisticuffs, ballyhoo and general pranks Roger O'Flannery.

Reportedly, Don Garber has responded to the challenge by sending back a severed pig head to the Cosmos facility at Hofstra with a note attached saying "Seamus O'Brien sleeps with the fishes, or at least on a sealy posturpedic"

Recent financial disclosures have indicated that Garber and Mark Abbot have invested in training facilities for future fights at their New York office with training having a heavy emphasis on Gracie jiu-jitsu.

"I know at least three different locks that will break a man's arm" said Garber after exiting the downtown Manhattan Major League Soccer fight club. "We are keeping Herc and we are going after Raul next."