Is The Taser Attack On A Fan At An NYCFC Game Proof Soccer Has Made It?

NEW YORK - A video circulating around the Internet over the weekend showing a NYCFC fan being tased by police at Yankee Stadium has been lauded by fans across the world as showing that Americans are finally getting soccer

"Now they realize that getting tased by the police for showing up to a soccer game is an integral part of the match day experience" said Miroslav Gaborik from Moscow, Russia. 

"Brave fellow standing up for his comrades like that and receiving the bulk force of the police. This is why we do not cooperate with the police" said Dmitri Sverdak from Belgrade, Serbia

"This is why we fight the police. This is why we go to the game. For the team and to fight." said Joao Portillo from Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Nutmeg News was on the ground at NYCFC versus Crew to conduct interviews and we were able to find out that the reason the fan was being tased had nothing to do with soccer. The fan was reportedly in the area of the police when he said "Derek Jeter sucks". This breach in protocol required the Police officer to repeatedly stun him with a taser as per the rules set forth for conduct in Yankee Stadium.

The fan in question was required to perform retribution to the fans he offended by his critical comments and was forced to watch the rest of the NYCFC game as punishment for his grave error.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as it happens.