Sanctimonious Twitter Know-It-All Excited For Targeted Allocation Announcement, "This is My Time To Shine!"

Twitter know-it-all, blogger, faux-insider and information regurgitation machine,Stephen Braden, announced that he is absolutely thrilled with today's announcement of the Targeted Allocation rule addition. 

"This is my time to shine!" said Braden to friends. "I don't know really anything about this rule other than what I have been guessing about for the last few months on my twitter account and passing off as real information to my followers" 

Braden admitted that he is going to scour and devour all the information on the new rule addition and then tweet with 100% certainty about how other people are wrong on the details of the rule. He has decided to do this incessantly and relentlessly so that he can be certain that everyone out there knows he is the absolute authority on the new rule change.

"I'm going to make certain that everyone knows that they have to come to me for all the possible ramifications on the Targeted Allocation rule addition. Despite most of the rules in the league being very malleable, it is possible to present yourself as the expert on something that most of the General Managers and owners in the league only learned about a few days ago."