Fan Lashes Out At Stolen Chants, "They Took Dale Cavese From Us"

Despite the song "Dale Cavese" being used by fans of Besiktas, Ajax, Boca Juniors, Swansea, Lokomotiv Moscow, Stevenage FC, Derby County, Western Sydney Wanderers, Hradec Kralove, and (of course) S.S. Cavese 1919 (just a few that can be named among a massive number of clubs worldwide), new San Jose Earthquakes fan Francisco Corta was upset to find that it was used elsewhere in Major League Soccer.


"They stole our song" said Corta to his 48 followers on Twitter. "Bunch of unoriginal thieving bastards."

Having never been educated on the history of the songs that he sings nearly every weekend, Corta was under the impression that this song was an Earthquakes original. "Wait, you are telling me that nearly every single song sung by nearly every single fan group is lifted from some other location? Wouldn't that make all the songs that we hear sung at North American soccer games unoriginal copies from somewhere else reducing the need to have pointless arguments about the originality of group songs in North America? This can't be!"

Corta immediately took to reddit and twitter with this information only to find out that most people didn't care and just wanted to pointlessly argue about the minutia of their seemingly original songs and who did it first.

"Well, I ended up with over a hundred followers from all this drama, so I guess there is a positive lining to everything."