LA Galaxy Players Unaware That Their Form Is Being Dictated By Fans Superstitions

LOS ANGELES - The players for the Los Angeles Galaxy are reportedly unaware that their win loss form is directly related to the superstitions of Galaxy fan Eduardo Ramirez.

"wait.... you want WHAT from me for WHAT reason?"

"wait.... you want WHAT from me for WHAT reason?"

The Nutmeg News spoke to Mr Ramirez about this strange occurrence, "It was May 22nd, and I put on black socks instead of white socks before heading out to the game against the Dynamo. We won 1-0 and this is when the blessing of the black socks began."

Ramirez then wore the socks again in a victory against Real Salt Lake and a draw against New England before the Galaxy lost to Vancouver. "We lost against Vancouver and I thought the magic ran out. However my friend Josh pointed out that I had also been doing a shot of fireball pre-game before the matches and I didn't do that before the loss to Vancouver."

Ramirez then worked his Fireball and Black Sock charm in a draw against Columbus and wins against Philadelphia and Portland. Suddenly a Galaxy loss to hated rivals San Jose riled up Ramirez world, "Well, I thought we had lost the charm, that wearing black socks and drinking fireball before the match had expired. Those were some dark hours man, but then my friend Hector reminded me that I had also been naming all the goal scorers from the wins at the tailgate before the match and my friend Jason reminded me that I had also been doing a spin while singing "aint nothing but a hound dog" before the matches that we won and that I hadn't done this at all before the San Jose game because I was too nervous."

Rameriz current complicated game day ritual is to put on black socks, switch them out for white socks and then put black socks on before driving to the stadium or bar to perform 2 shots of fireball, recite all the goal scorers from the Galaxy wins, do a twirl while singing "aint nothing but a hound dog", counting backwards from 10, recite a portion of the Emancipation Proclamation, eat 5 hot dogs, and finish by singing the second verse from Juanes "La Camisa Negra" slightly modified for the La Galaxy.

"All I can say is that the Galaxy won against Toronto 4-0" said Ramierz "I just have to keep this streak going to the end of the year and we will see ourselves champion of Major League Soccer again."