Excited Fan Wants To Know When The Women's World Cup Starts

Tallahassee, FL - After four Schmirnoff Ice premium malt beverages, soccer fan David Estrada loudly proclaimed,  on Sunday night, that he was excited for the Women's World Cup to start.

"I'm excited to see the women's world cup kick off and to support the United States" said Estrada at the tail end of a riotous Women's World Cup watch party. "So, when does the tournament kick off?"

A proud American Outlaws member, Estrada spent most of the evening talking about how America would kick everyone's asses while couching all of his vitriol in reference to the wars that the United States has been engaged in for hundreds of years. "We are going to drop the bomb on Japan and really kick Germany's ass just like we have for thousands of years" said Estrada to a shocked group of fans wearing USA jerseys. 

Reportedly Estrada was put in a cab and sent away after making a number of people at the party very uncomfortable but he woke up the next day searching the television channels for the Women's World Cup without finding anything on television.

"Some day, it'll be on television. When it does, I'll be at hooters cheering on the girls."