Fantasy Football Season Begins

Billings, MT – With only one hour left in his workday, Paul Martins of Billings Montana was in a race against time to get his EPL Fantasy Football team updated for the new season before he has to go home for the day. TNN immediately dispatched field reporter Adam Clark to get a play by play account of the exciting development.

Clark: “Paul our readers are anxious to know what exactly your strategy is today as you rebuild your team for 2015. What do we have to look forward to in the next hour?”

Martins: “Well I’m not really sure. I guess I’m just mostly trying to find something to help fill the endless mundane wasteland of time that is 4:00 to 5:00.”

Clark: “Absolutely riveting stuff, Paul. What drove you to attempt a monumental task like this with a one hour time limit? Why restrict yourself with a sharp deadline like this?”

Martins: “Rick from accounting sent out an email a little bit ago saying that the new Fantasy Football season was starting up and that the winner gets a free lunch at “Chuck’s BBQ Shack.” Rick’s a big soccer fan and I’m into baseball but a free lunch is a free lunch. I just got done filling out some reports when I saw his email so I figured I’d go create a team.”

Clark: “Fascinating strategy. So what lessons did you learn from last year’s team design? What worked well? What changes do you see yourself implementing this year?”

Martins: “Well the first change I made was my password. I couldn’t remember what I used last year. I think I signed up last July and maybe checked it a couple times in August and then just forgot about it.  As to what player’s I’m choosing I was looking for David Beckham but I guess they forgot him or something. So I just started clicking people at the top until I ran out of money and then I just clicked anywhere.”

Clark: “We don’t want to use up anymore of your valuable team design time so I just have one last question, who do you think is going to be your biggest opponent this year? Who’s going to give you the most difficulty going forward as your team strives to climb the ranks?

Martins: “Probably Becky over in Human Resources. I think she goes by ‘Go_Grizzlies’ on the fantasy site. She won last year but I think it’s because she has her son build her team for her. He knows more about this stuff then any of us. It’s kind of cheating but Becky’s a real nice girl so I don’t mind losing to her.

Clark: “Paul, thank you so much for your time. Good luck this year!”

Martins: “Alright, then.”