Denver Based Liverpool Fan Insists "Main Stand In Anfield Doesn't Sing Like It Used"

Denver, CO - Denver based Liverpool fan, Charles McGinnis, is adamant that the main stand just doesn't sing the way it used to despite having never been to Liverpool.

"They just don't. You can tell through the online stream that I get from rojodirecta. I mean, I've never been to Liverpool, nor taken in a game at Anfield, but I read Red and White Kop (RAWK) religiously and I can tell you that the noise level has gone down from the main stand." said a cocksure and slightly inebriated McGinnis to the 2 people who still wanted to listen to his tirade.

"While I just started following Liverpool Football Club in 2012, this shouldn't preclude me from having an opinion on the veracity of the atmosphere in Anfield. I mean, I watch every game, I'm a fan, I have opinions. You should understand that my opinions are important."

While perhaps accurate, McGinnis' point has been lost behind a myriad of shitty behavior and drunken braggadocio that made him the persona non-grata for Liverpool fans in Denver.

"He just thinks he knows everything and while he is here at the bar for every game, it gets a bit tiring to hear him pronounce his encyclopedic knowledge on a team and place that he hasn't even visited." said bartender Ismail Hartwig.

While McGinnis is still on the 36th different version of plans that he claims will take him to Anfield, but will likely end up with him taking a trip to Boston to watch a friendly with Liverpool in about 5 years, he isn't being a defeatist about his opinions. "I know I'm right and if I get a chance to go over to Anfield I'll teach those Scousers how to sing. GLORY GLORY LIVERPOOOOOOL"