Madison 56ers Caught Using Betamax Copy of 1979 UEFA Cup Game Instead Of Livestreaming NPSL Playoffs

Madison, WI - The Madison 56ers were caught using an old betamax copy of the 1979 UEFA Cup Game  of Skeid Fotball versus Ipswich Town F.C. instead of livestreaming the NPSL playoffs.

"We just didn't have the money to hire someone to come out and live stream the Detroit City v AFC Cleveland game, so we just added a small selection of Northern Guard members into the crowd in post production and rebroadcast the Ipswich game instead." said president of the 56ers Tim Hanson. "We know that we owe it to the fans, but honestly... what fans? We get roughly 10 people to show up for a game and most of those people actually are the ones that our players talk into coming out for support"

While the game looked suspiciously crappy for even a stream, the deception was confirmed when the audio cut in to yell "Frans Thijssen with a goal in the 38th minute for Ipswich! What a game!"

The 56ers released an statement immediately after "we'd offer an apology and a refund, but you got the stream for free and we spent all our money painting the yellow lines on the field and renting the additional porta-potties for the Northern Guard. So you can just piss off."

The NPSL, for their part, released a statement saying, "We would do something but we can't and we won't. So there. Anything else?"