OPINION: Surge In Hot Take Acrostics Leaves Mobile Users In The Dark

The Nutmeg News accepts opinion pieces and letters to the editor as part of our community outreach policy. Today's opinion piece comes from Norwood Thurgood, a resident of Shady Acres reconstitution center. We have no reason to believe he ever conducted an interview with Brad Friedel.

"Professional player Clint Dempsey should find a way to not be such a colossal jerk" said

Recently retired affectation indulgent British millionaire Brad Friedel.

"Of course, I wouldn't have done something like that in my day, which was the 1920's

Making our moves on the dance floor and waiting for new Cole Porter releases."

Of all the recent interviews on the Dempsey situation, Friedel's has proven the most

Technical and absorbing giving all reporters a pause as to the methodology and message

In this new world of journalism it begs the question, who is responsible for a hot take?

On the balance of information given, it appears that we all are. Which is of course correct.

Now the main thrust of the issue is to figure out how to hot take your hot take 

& how to cold roll your hot take into a new stratosphere of indulgent self flagellation.

Really the most important thing is to imagine a topic so incendiary that adding fuel

Everywhere will result in the largest most expansive bonfire that has ever been

Lobbed into the depths of places like Big Soccer. This is a location where

Everyone is an acolyte of the one true god that is Ted Westerveldt and while he is

God man in the holy trinity of divinity, we must remember that he also

Attempts the impossible, that is the living troll, the breathing troll, the long form

Troll that inundates the mass of the medula in a way that brings about change

In our lifetime the way Steve Urkel was able to change Carl Winslow's love into an 

Onomatopoeia like oink. IT's all connected, MAN. Benghazi, contrails and associated 

News articles that masquerade as collected conspiracy theory realists!