Timbers Fan Only Loves Tournaments In Which Her Team Is Still Competing

Estacada, OR - Timbers fan Hillary Chapparelle admitted that she is only in love with the US Open Cup and the CONCACAF Champions League until the Timbers are knocked out of the competition.

"I'm madly passionate about the US Open Cup and consider it one of the most prestigious tournaments in the United States until the Timbers get knocked out of it and then it becomes increasingly clear that the US Open Cup really wasn't that important and it should never take precedence over the regular season," said Chapparelle to our reportbers. 

"I also really cared a lot about telling my friends of the great honor that it was playing in the CONCACAF Champions League until the Timbers were knocked out of that one as well. I mean, after they went out it was clearly obvious that the CONCACAF Champions League was a tin-pot competition that takes second place to the real competition that is striving for a 6th place finish in the Western Conference so that the Timbers could try to eventually get a home playoff game. Winning something for the first time ever, playing in multiple countries and having the possibility of playing against Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus or Manchester United pales in comparison to 6th place in the Western Conference. "

With the Timbers now only having the MLS season to worry about, Ms Chapparelle is bullish on their chances.

"I think this is the best possible scenario, that the team only has to worry about qualifying for the playoffs. Of course, if they don't make the playoffs then it will become completely obvious to me that the Major League Soccer playoffs are really stupid and not worth anyone's time. That the answer to fixing all of our problems is a single table, not playoffs. However, the Timbers haven't been knocked out yet so I'm still excited about the playoffs."

The Nutmeg News will have more on the way some people use deflection to cope with a loss as it happens.