MLSPU Salary Dump Launches A Thousand Blog Posts

The Major League Soccer Players Union salary dump is like Christmas, a birthday and a really sad party all rolled into one for the giant blogosphere that rotates around the core of Major League Soccer, and this year was no exception as thousands of blog posts were launched after the dump of salary information this morning.

"I can get at LEAST four columns, maybe even five out of the numbers in this piece" said blogger for NYCFC, Grant Hammond.

"Not only can I write a 'this is how much people are getting paid' article, but I can also use it as reference in nearly every player piece going forward" said writer Jimmy Thompson.

"I'm going to craft a bunch of visuals to explain everything. Sadly, I won't get paid for this, but hopefully if I do it enough for free I'll eventually figure out some way to monetize all the hard work that I've put into this." said statistician Carl Davids.

Meanwhile, the collected front offices of Major League Soccer also released a statement that read, "The numbers you see are all incorrect and you should base absolutely nothing upon them. As well, if you do base anything upon them we will send our people over to ensure that you are embarrassed publicly. As well, we will not actually be releasing the correct numbers that only we know. Thank you."