Wayne Rooney Would Consider Playing In Three Cities "When That Time Comes"

Premier League star Wayne Rooney has admitted that he would consider playing in Major League Soccer when he gets closer to retirement provided that he gets to pick from the three cities in which he plays.

"I would absolutely consider playing in New York City, Los Angeles or Miami" said Rooney through bites of a meat pie. "I mean, I plan on naming my price and naming my city and if the MLS wants me, they will cave in a really big way".

While the idea of Rooney playing for Columbus, Colorado, or Kansas City is attractive to the fans of those teams, everyone knows that Rooney is only going to go to a big market team and his acquisition will likely result in a new rule change placed to allow him to be acquired by the team that he deems is worthy of his service.

"I like the idea of playing in New York, because of the nightlife and food. Then again, I like the idea of playing in Los Angeles, because of the nightlife and food. Wherever I find the nightlife and the food, I'll like playing there... as long as it is in Los Angeles or New York. MAAAAYBE Miami, but I don't know how that team is doing this year."

The Nutmeg News will have more on Rooney's retirement in 3 or 4 years.