Fans Confident That Player They Have Never Heard Of Will Be Great

Portland, OR - Timbers fan Gene Braydon is absolutely confident that Lucas Melano will be utterly fantastic for the Timbers despite never having heard of him or seeing him play before.

"The team is interested in him, which means he will be great. They wouldn't spend time getting him if he wasn't great. From all sounds, he is going to be five times as good as Diego Valeri and possibly double the player that Fanendo Adi is, currently." said Braydon to his customers at his local brewpub that were visiting from St Louis and don't particularly care about soccer at all. "I spent a few minutes watching his youtube videos online and much like every other player that has ever existed with a youtube video, he looks utterly fantastic in a selectively edited and put together 2 minute clip online."

With the possibility of spending over 3 million dollars on a player that hopefully will pay the team back before he transfers to another international club, Melano is currently the most looked up player on Transfermarkt. 

"I know everything about him" wrote part-time Timbers blogger and human resources manager Steven Forsythe. "Or at least I know everything that I can get from running Spanish language articles through google translate and trying to watch the few games that I can get online. This makes me an expert and one good enough to tell everyone around me how good or not good this player will be that none of us knew about until 4 days ago. On a scale of Marquez to Messi, I'm moving him firmly towards Messi by at least 10 Zlatans."

Meanwhile, fan Sandra Rumineto has taken the practical approach, "He's going to be as good as any player that would agree to a move to Major League Soccer at a young age. Which is to say that I'm not expecting Lionel Messi, but would be happy if he could even get close to Bradley Wright Phillips."