Player Fanatically Tweets For Chipotle Card To Feed Self

NEW YORK - An unnamed player confirmed to The Nutmeg News (TNN), on Tuesday, that he has been fanatically tweeting support for Chipotle because, "I have no other way to feed myself".

While TNN has been requested to keep this players identity a secret, he currently plays in one of the most expensive cities in the United States. TNN spoke to him off the record about his experience. 

"Well, I get paid the minimum in Major League Soccer and I live in a city where even the stipend the club gives me makes it very difficult to find appropriate housing. I mean some of our players are able to stroll about the city without any worries, but me? I'm finding cheap pizza slices when I'm not raiding the food tables at practice."

While this player indicated he is able to make do, sometimes, with the food he scrounges from the training facility he said his biggest effort is to try to get a sponsorship with Chipotle.

"Man, Chipotle has some kind of crazy boner for MLS players. I mean, I've been only in the burrito game for a bit, but I'm working my way towards that free burrito card. It's been difficult, but when I don't have to worry about getting food outside of the training facility anymore it will be worth it."

Chipotle was unavailable for comment.