"I'VE GOT OPINIONS" Shouts Blogger Into The Void

York, PA - Union blogger Kip Anderson wants everyone to know that he has opinions. Unfortunately, for him, no one cares.

"I've tried, believe me. I've started 4 blogs, two podcasts, I've guest written Union articles for a publication that turned out to be a front for sending out Nigerian scam emails. No one cares."

TNN Spoke with Union analysts about Kip and they had the following to say, "Who?"

Meanwhile, Kip continues producing his podcast from his home after he finishes his day job as a jr accounts analyst in charge of sales related human resources disputes and continues to distribute his podcast into the vapid ether known as the internet where people give zero shits about what he has to say.

"Someday I'll be a big deal" said Anderson. "Someday, I'll get  50 followers on twitter and I'll have more than 3 listeners! I just gotta stay with it and keep on annoying people until they realize that I've got something to say. What I say might be dramatically wrong, it might be completely false information, but if I say it with the zeal and passion of a Pentecostal preacher, eventually enough people will fall for it and then they will start to believe me."