OPINION: "You Gonna Root For Another Team Other Than Team FREEDOM You Pinko Commie?"

The Nutmeg News prints opinion pieces from local contributors, at select times. Today's opinion piece comes from Dave Todai of Memphis, Tennessee. The viewpoints and opinions of Mr. Todai do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints and opinions of The Nutmeg News.


To The Nutmeg's:


This is the greatest country in the world. This is the UNITED States of America, not the YOUnited States Of America. OK? So what's this nonsense I'm hearing about my god fearing and god loving citizens rooting for another country during the upcoming Women's World Cup.

You live in America, dumbass. Literally, figuratively and positively the greatest nation that has ever existed in the entire history of the world. We invented fire, the wheel and the double down sandwich. We have Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach. Who are you to decide you don't like them and you want to root for someone else. I'll tell you who you are. A Pinko Commie Loving Socialst Communist hell bent on instituting islamic rule by cooperating with known associates of Estes Kefauver. I bet you like American Football as well, that's a socialst league. American's love Baseball, Hotdogs, missionary position sexual congress and Abby Wambach heading in goals with the ferocity of a Bengal tiger. 

You can take your Canadian sympathies or your Spanish urges and tamp them on down with your four shot machiatto latte mocha's that aren't even fair trade. I'll keep drinking my Pabst Blue Ribbon and holding it down for the average american while watching Sydney Leroux. A woman Canadian so courageous that she left her own country cause it was totally shit for the game of soccer. Now THAT'S American.

You don't like Hope Solo? Well tough. Solo exemplifies everything great about America. She is the Tonya Harding of American Soccer except she hasn't won as much stuff. That woman will get her world cup medal while smoking a pack of kools and being arrested for punching a 15 year old kid because he spoke out on the save she should have made that "Briana Scurry could have made with her eyes shut"

Hell no people. You root for team freedom or you can leave MYmurica. You may hate nearly every person in the starting 11 for the UNITED States of America but you are still duty bound to suffer through the abrasive personalities and cultist following that these women engender.

Now THAT is my America.

Dave Todai

Memphis, Tennessee