Sigi Schmid Clarifies Statement, "I said I would, 'toke a big ole tree' not 'choke a referee.'"

Seattle, WA - Head coach of the Seattle Sounders, Sigi Schmid, clarified his comments on the referee for the US Open Cup game against the Portland Timbers at a press conference today.

"I'd like to categorically state that I did not say the statement, 'choke a referee.' I was inaccurately quoted and it hurts to suggest that I would threaten a referee. What I stated was that I was going to, 'toke a big ole tree.' Given that Washington has passed legal marijuana, I was exercising my right to enjoy recreational use instead of drinking my sorrows away."

The Seattle Sounders immediately released the following statement, "The Seattle Sounders are investigating the comments on Tuesday by Sigi Schmid. We categorically state that he was misquoted at his own press conference and meant to say 'swipe at a bee.' The Sounders do not condemn or endorse recreational marijuana use. We will state that it is company policy to prohibit the drug use for our offices as a measure of employment."

TNN reporters at the press conference asked Schmid about the possible ramifications of his endorsement of Seattle marijuana and the Sigi Schmid had the following to say.

"Smoke 'em if you got 'em. I'm going to go watch Orange is the New Black and forget the 2015 USOC even kicked off."