Great Saturday Games Buoys Fan Respect Of Major League Soccer, Til Sunday Happened

Sandy, UT - Major League Soccer fans the continent over were having to deal with increasing esteem and begrudging respect from fans who watched a number of enthralling games on Saturday. However, after the Real Salt Lake game on Sunday the disrespect of the league returned back to normal again after a clown shoes move of running and jumping into the goalpost by Luke Mulholland of Real Salt Lake


The Nutmeg News was able to speak to RSL writer Isaac Westerbrook on the subject.

"We were subject to a number of games on Saturday that contained great goals, interesting play, dynamic crowds and great storylines. Unfortunately the only thing that will live past this weekend for people who aren't fans of the league will be the hilarity of Luke Mulholland jumping into the post."

Advocates of Promotion and Relegation already started in on the debacle stating, "we wouldn't have players running into the post in an open league. This is clearly a post jumping cabal started be those that want us to enjoy our pepsi cola and eat our wheatbix while not being able to watch our lower division teams battle in an eternal yo-yo of desperation."

The final word on this weekend came from sports trend analyst Evelyn Smith,

"While the play from this weekend will not be forgotten by those who were entertained, the play by Mulholland will live in infamy much like Jose Canseco's headed ball for a home run. Expect to see it pop up any time someone casually mentions the league and in highlights for a very long time."