Persistent Bummer Notes That Recent US Play Hasn't Come In A Tournament

Brooklyn, NY - Persistent bummer and resident crank, Archibald Harrison, loudly exclaimed that while the United States has played well against the Netherlands and Germany, that it doesn't matter since these are all friendlies.

"I just had to let them know. Stop being excited. Stop being interested. This is a team playing arranged friendlies that don't matter. Let me know when they win the cup." said Harrison to his youtube account. "These games have all the importance of a well flushed turd. Nice to take but utterly meaningless."

Harrison's friends have long become accustomed to his "angry old man" shtick saying "Well, yeah.... Archie will Archie." Which is commonly known as the acceptance that you have a bit of a douchebag as a friend.

"He's probably right, but that isn't going to stop us from donning US flag capes, wearing American flag board shorts and yelling at immigrants" said Ronald Blacykowski.

Archibald finished his youtube diatribe by saying "When we have a consistent player base with consistent wins in the world cup, then we can all start celebrating so put down your beer and start ripping apart this team, otherwise you are just perpetuating mediocrity."

His friend Joseph Brandice had the following to say, "Yep. Archie will Archie"