Major League Soccer Announces Correction To Their Final Fantasy Soccer Gameplay

NEW YORK - Major League Soccer (MLS) announced a correction in their Final Fantasy Soccer game on Thursday after fan complaints about an overpowered wall/heal spell combination was leading to too many ties in their head to head league.

The director of Major League Soccer Mage Research and Advanced Blitz Techniques, Sandra Rogers, spoke to the press on a conference call, "We realized that we gave entirely too much emphasis to wall and heal spells, which lead to figurative teams drawing against each other thus negating the obvious benefits of winning in our league. We also realized that no one had decided to implement the private airship benefit for fast travel due to the financial restrictions it would place on your squad for 2 turns (weeks). So we turned down the effectiveness of wall and heal in order to emphasize aggressive, attacking options." 

MLS Final Fantasy player Jim Thorington agreed, "Man these games were boring with wall/heal. I used a phoenix down on Diego Valeri for the last game, just kept casting heal with my level 46 player Giovinco and walked out with a point against my bitter rival 'LEEEEEROYJENKSHEA420' in our head to head league."

Brek Shea is a chocobo in MLS Final Fantasy Soccer 1

Brek Shea is a chocobo in MLS Final Fantasy Soccer 1

Player Tiffany Randall had some of the same problems this week and shared her strategy with getting by, "My DPs were low on HP during the week as Keane was poisoned. I didn't have an antidote to fix him so he kept shedding HP, and I couldn't use break against my opponents regen spell, so I  just started holing up by using basic attacks and hoping that Zusi would get an assist so it would unlock my summon spell for Bradley Wright Phillips."

Not everyone is happy with the proposed changes though as player Frank Delebon indicated in his interview with us stating, "Fucking MLS, always nerfing the good stuff. What's next, devaluing the ability to get double xp by equipping your team with the exact kit they are wearing on that day? Lame. IT'S A TACTICAL GAME, PEOPLE."