KREIS BOWL 2015 Approaches

Sandy, UT - With Kreis Bowl 2015 set to take place in Sandy on Saturday, fans the league over are excited at the upcoming opportunity to see the former Real Salt Lake coach take on his old team with his new mistress New York City FC. 

TNN spoke with Jason Kreis on the phone about this new opportunity, "I honestly don't remember coaching there in the first place. I've spent the last few years in Manchester for my global masters, City Financial Group, learning the ins and outs of the appropriate style for first-ish club management. I mean, coaching for RSL would be one thing, but I'm on my way to coaching bigger and better clubs by being a loyal servant for City Financial Group in one of their cast off franchises. This is like me leaving the Arctic Circle that wouldn't give me a bigger opportunity for the Olive Garden that has franchises world wide. Who wouldn't want to coach Olive Garden FC! "

The Nutmeg News was able to talk to Jeff Cassar about the upcoming game and he had the following to say, "I really, really, really hope we win. I just bought a house in Sugarhouse. I can't afford to get fired right now"

Fans in Salt Lake are ready for Kreis Bowl 2015 as The Nutmeg News spoke to a group of main stand fans about the upcoming game, "We are ready for the blasphemer, the anti-kreis, he who shall not be named. At some point, he sure as heck-fire will get our ire and by ire I mean our girl scout cookies that we called Kreis Cookies."

The Nutmeg News also spoke with the supporters groups"Salt City United" who stand behind the goal at Rio Tinto stadium about the return of Kreis. They had the following to say, "Thanks for everything Kreis, now go fuck yourself."