MLS Front Office Groups Look To Blame Their Sacrificial Coaches

With the Major League Soccer (MLS) season now in full swing, many of the front offices around the league are looking to divorce themselves from the responsibility of their poor ownership and are looking to pass the buck onto their coaches.

The Nutmeg News was able to speak to several high ranking members of front offices around the league to get their viewpoint.

"We like to believe that we are a front office that believes in accountability, and by accountability I mean that we like to make sure that our coaches take all the blame. It isn't our fault that none of our acquisitions over the past few years have worked, or that we didn't provide him with a good training staff, or that we didn't promote the team so hardly any fans showed up. Look it's all about his continuous usage of that formation, and the fact that the good player we picked up from (ED NOTE: Country was redacted) isn't starting. He coaches the team, he should get all the blame from the fans, because lord knows that we don't want any blame coming from them on our shoulders," said one anonymous owner.

TNN was able to have a conversation with another reticent owner, off the record, about this situation. "We thought our coach was the messiah when we hired him, but now we aren't sure. I mean sure he never got to pick his own players, or his own staff, or his own formation because he had to explain everything to us. However, he should have known better. I mean we are complete novices at this game and we are relying on him to tell us that what we are doing is right all the time so that we feel smart. What a numpty. Now I'm looking to replace him with an under-appreciated AYSO coach that has 2 years of assistant experience at the University of Miami Ohio. We need a coach that is more on our level."

Meanwhile an ownership group that is located in the north had the following to say, "If we don't win, it is his fault. Granted, we bought all the players, we signed them and then signed him, and he took over a squad that was awful before; but it is 100% his fault when everything that we put in place before we hired him doesn't work out. The best part is that the fans will just relentlessly snipe at each other about the team and the coach while we can just continue to put half baked shit out on the field. It's fantastic."

TNN will have more information on the upcoming coaching changes in the league as they happen.