FC Hasental Players Laud Fan Support

Agoura Hills, CA - FC Hasental players lauded their fan support after a recent home loss. FC Hasental plays in the National Premier Soccer League and the team recently noticed an increase of one at their home games recently and the players of Los Conejos chalk up their positive mental attitude to this increase in fan support.

 "Jerry was pretty great, he stayed the entire game and once shouted 'good work'." said midfielder Cory Stevenson. 

"It was electric, Jerry was there (as usual) and we could see him in our peripherals except when he went to go get some whiskey out of the car." said forward Charles Darrin. 

The Nutmeg News spoke to Jerry Weintrube who is the leader, capo, tifo organizer, and away travel organizer, and only member of FC Hasental's supporters group 'Bombanera Rude Boys Ultra Reds". 

"It's just part of supporting the club, being here day in and day out. I mean most of the time I have to look up which stadium they are playing and sometimes I miss the games because I got drunk the night before, but I like to be here. More importantly the players don't forget to come over and salute me after the game, win or lose. Mostly because I'm throwing the after party and they need to tell me what kind of booze and pizza they want there."