LA Galaxy To Leave MLS For Liga MX

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles Galaxy announced today that they would start the process of taking ownership of their team name and assets to prepare for a move to Liga MX

"We have had a number of long discussions about this," said general manager Bruce Arena "and the challenge in Major League Soccer just isn't there. As the flagship franchise of Major League Soccer we are now interested in taking on the challenge of becoming the flagship club of North America. In order to do that, we must compete in the best league in America, and that league is Liga MX."

Sources say that a legal challenge from Don Garber is expected as the maxim, "you can enter, but you can never leave" is inscribed above the board room for Major League Soccer (MLS). "We simply cannot let our best teams leave for another league. What are we, the NASL?" said the commissioner of MLS. 

Sources say that the Galaxy front office has already been added to the schedule for the 2017 Apertura and that they will kick off the season against Club Tijuana in Los Angeles.

"We are tired of the Machiavellian machinations required by the league front office for supposed league parity that make it impossible for us to construct a deep team and replace players when they get injured. We have the money to make this happen and if we want to buy Javier Hernandez or if we want to buy Giovanni Dos Santos, we should be allowed to do so" said Arena. "With our move to Liga MX, the United States will finally have a team that can compete and win the CONCACAF Champions league without requiring a complete fluke of scheduling to do so."

The president of Major League Soccer, Mark Abbot, released the following statement, "LA Galaxy, hear me very clearly. We OWN you, we own your club, we own your name, we own all your trademarks, we own your players, we own your contracts. You aren't going anywhere. Just try me and see if I'm kidding. I'm going to sell all of your players throughout the league, replace your board with a puppet regime and salt your field. Do Not Test Us."

The Nutmeg News will have more coverage of LA's departure to Liga MX as it happens.