Red Bull Supporter Ready For Season Despite Doctor’s Concerns

Harrison, NJ - New York Red Bull supporter Chet Fitzgerald is ready to give his all this year in support of his team despite stern warnings from his doctor that he refrain from doing so.

“Red Bulls have a big year this year.” Fitzgerald says. “We’ve got NYCFC to compete with now so we have to prove that us soccer fans over here in Jersey are the best fans in all of New York. The only way I’m going to be able to keep my energy up and go full out is to keep hammering down beers the whole game like I’ve done every game. I owe it to this club to give my all and my all doesn’t show up until after the fourth beer.”

He went on to discuss his drinking strategy. “I like to take a break from drinking right after the Superbowl and will only have like four or five Yuenglings a day in order to give my body and liver some time to rest. Near the end of February I start to throw in some Jagerbombs every now and then which is my version of interval training. By early March I’m able to down six shots of Jack and then drink six beers in ninety minutes, which is exactly how it goes down on game day.”

TNN spoke with Fitzgerald’s doctor, Dr. Peter Ambrose, who informed us of his concerns. “Chet needs a liver transplant.” After presenting Dr. Ambrose with Fitzgerald's drinking strategy he had the following to say, “With this kind of dedication to his team I won’t put him on a transplant waiting list any time soon as I need him to go a month without drinking. The only time I’ve seen him sober was after last year’s game against DC United when he was being treated for severe alcohol poisoning and was unconscious and in a near comatose state. The strangest thing was that he wouldn’t stop chanting or singing even though his EEG readings were at near brain-death levels. While I can’t condone this abuse he heaps upon himself I have to admit that I’ve never seen anything like this before and it seems that his fandom stems from sub-consciousness levels.”

When asked about his doctor's concern Fitzgerald said, “No. There’s no way I’m quitting. I owe it to my Bulls to give them my all on game day. They are down there giving everything they have physically and the very least I can do in response is give everything I physically have. I’m not letting something stupid like liver failure stop me from singing the boys on to victory.”

TNN asked Fitzgerald to comment on his bloodshot and jaundiced-yellow eyes. “I’m red and yellow through and through. You’re just seeing into my soul.“