Man Writes Glowing Profile of FC Edmonton Despite Having Never Been There

Edmonton, AB - American writer Jason Dryer wrote an expansive article praising FC Edmonton despite having never even stepped foot in the province of Alberta.

Dryer said, "It's hard out there as a blogger and writer to find unique viewpoints and locations for a new soccer story. However, when I heard about 'The Eddies' I realized that I had hit a home run. I had the distinct chance of covering a new Detroit City type story and I figured that the best way to do this would be from my couch in Los Angeles." 

Dryer used gross generalizations and facts from Wikipedia as well as repeat viewings of the John Candy movie "Canadian Bacon" to fill out his story while utilizing pictures from the web of players that are no longer with the team. 

"It doesn't matter whether I am factually right or whether I am wrong, they are small team so they will appreciate any coverage even if it is shit coverage. Also, their fans should thank me that I care enough to even write a profile about them in the first place. I mean honestly, I'm just doing this so that I can increase my twitter followers and get more access and information from MLS teams who are slowly starting to realize that I am reliable wellspring of ass kissing."

TNN was able to obtain a statement from FC Edmonton on the piece, "We truly enjoyed Mr Dryer's coverage of FC Edmonton and hope to host him at a game soon!"

When asked about this statement from FC Edmonton, Dryer said the following, "I'll write the most glowing review they have ever seen if they pay for me to come out there."