Abby Wambach Really Hopes Her NWSL Decision Overshadows Magic Jack Silence

Portland, OR - In an exclusive interview with The Nutmeg News, Abby Wambach confided that she really hopes that her decision to stop playing in the NWSL will whip up enough controversy to cover up the time where she didn't speak out or stand up for her teammates when the owner of Magic Jack was sexually harassing and demeaning players for Magic Jack.

Wambach started by saying, "I was thinking, whats a way that I could cover up the largest stain on my career. Then I realized that I could simply stop playing in the NWSL and that (in conjunction with other international players deciding to stop) would possibly bring down the league. I mean, bringing down a women's league in the United States has to be orders of magnitude worse than simply not saying anything about the abuses that went on with Dan Borislow and Magic Jack. So what if he sent an email to all the players asking them to call him 'Daddy'? So what if he threatened to remove his financial backing, which would collapse the league, if we didn't cooperate with his insane demands?  So what if he promised to help injured players only to later recant on his promises which made players actually have to pay for their own MRI's?

Look, even though players like Ella Masar eventually felt bad for not speaking up, I plan on never saying anything about Magic Jack. I mean, I was the player coach there so I may have had just a hint of responsibility, but NOW all anyone can talk about my legacy is potentially killing the NWSL and never winning the World Cup." 

When asked if she understood that she was contributing to the potential slow death of the NWSL with her faux-retirement Wambach said, "Oh who cares. Other than Portland and Seattle, this league is a shithole. I hope I end up playing a year in Barcelona for some money instead of trying to jog around a plastic field during the middle of the summer. I mean, seriously, who cares?"