New Podcast Adds To The Cluttered Landscape of Half-Dead Podcasts

Lexington, KY - Soccer lover James Hiberdon decided to start a new soccer podcast focused on the North American game before realizing how much work it is and abandoning it.

"My goal was to finally have an honest discussion with people about the game in the United States, but I had to find equipment and record and try to find guests and I couldn't get past 100 followers on twitter. It was all just so very depressing", said Hiberdon.

This was Hiberdon's third attempt at starting a podcast but he considers it a victory, "well the other two we never even got out of the planning stage, I mean we just sat around and argued about what the name of the podcast was going to be and that broke up the first group. With the second podcast, we didn't have anyone who could figure out the encoding and uploading portion so we just bagged that. However, the THIRD podcast was a glorious phoenix of information for 3 and a half episodes before we just got bored and frustrated."

Hiberdon still managed to harangue people on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and even Google + to listen his podcast for weeks after the podcast was dead in a hope that he could attract an audience with the back catalog of 3 shows. "People just don't know how good it could be. My voice and perspective is important. To replace podcasting, right now, I'm going to go into writing user submitted columns to SB Nation. There I should be able to build up my listener base, and I know that everyone will get to see my unique perspective and want more."