Woman Determined To Show Support For Her Timbers Infects 1000s With Flu

Portland, OR - Gennifer Rodriguez was reportedly so determined to "support her boys" and "be there for the club" that she rallied to go to the recent Timbers v Real Salt Lake Game despite a pretty severe flu. "Well, I knew that I needed to be there, I needed to show that I was stuck in and I felt good enough after a few drinks to make myself convinced that I could make it through the game", said Ms Rodriguez.

Thousands of fans in Portland that were in the vicinity of Ms Rodriguez reported flu like symptoms that developed into fever and debilitating body aches over the course of the next 4 days. 

As the supporters section known as the Timbers Army is general admission, Ms. Rodriguez wandered among all the sections to visit all of her friends. She gave them hugs and even shared a few beers with them.

"I don't care how many people I infect, I'm going to be there for my Timbers. Even if I infect the entire Timbers Army, I'm going to be there for my Timbers. Even if I end up with Bronchitis and end up in the hospital, I'll be there for the Timbers", said Ms Rodriguez.