Vancouver Whitecaps Rookie Hazing Going Too Far

Vancouver, BC - Images surfaced this weekend of rookie Mitch Piraux, from the Vancouver Whitecaps, sporting an atrocious new haircut that was apparently done as part of the hazing rituals that have started to spiral out of the team manager’s control.

We spoke with Whitecaps manager Carl Robinson to get his reaction. “I understand that the players like to have fun and tease new recruits, but that haircut. Jesus. That thing would make Yedlin cringe. ”

TNN interviewed one of the Whitecap players on the condition of anonymity to learn more about other instances of hazing. “I came to Vancouver thinking I was joining up with professional soccer players, not a bunch of frat boys. Being forced to eat poutine until you vomit and then the last one to do so has to shotgun a Molson beer? I know this is Vancouver but come on, I would still like to keep a shred of my dignity left. Maybe I should have gone to the USL.”

While the MLS front office has officially condemned hazing rituals it is very difficult to enforce. We spoke with MLS disciplinary committee member Taylor Borgnine to find out what they are planning to do to crack down on this behavior.

“Well obviously we investigate every instance that is reported but the problem is finding people to come forward. It’s hard to get someone to admit that they were force to streak through a Tim Hortons without apologizing to the patrons. Some of the more serious allegations carry some potential criminal penalties as well, such as animal cruelty charges for moose tipping. We just don’t think we’re going to be able to do much but we’ll try.”