DC United Fan Worried About Possible Strike

Richmond, VA - D.C. United fan Ronald Westing is finding the talk of a Major League Soccer (MLS) players strike difficult to comprehend.

"I want to watch United play on opening day, but if they don't start the league on time I don't know what I will do", said Westing to a Nutmeg News reporter. "I don't want to watch lower league soccer like the USL and NASL because the play is terrible, I don't want to go watch the Richmond Kickers in person because it isn't cool, whats a fan to do?"

Westing indicated that if he can't watch MLS games that he will resort to only watching the Barclay's Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.

"My time will be split between Manchester City in the Premier League and Barcelona in the Champions League. Look, I may tacitly support DC United, but that doesn't mean I should subject myself the the USL, I've got standards to keep up here. Granted, I've never watched a USL game in my life and I can drive by where the Kickers play in about 15 minutes, but if God wanted me to watch a USL team he would have given us promotion and relegation. I'm a top flight man, and that's the way it stays."

When asked about watching Liga MX teams Mr Westing had the following to say, "Do I look like I speak Spanish?"