Seattle Sounders To Temporarily Replace 'Sound Wave'

Seattle, WA - While the Seattle Sounders' marching band and pep group "Sound Wave" are on a six country European oompa music tour, the Sounders' front office will replace them temporarily for the 2015 season. 

"We decided to go a completely different route this season with Sound Wave fulfilling their contractual duties in Bavaria and beyond", said entertainment manager Blythe Donner. "Now that we know our audience, we are going to bring in experimental Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artist DJ KattzzNBlastzz for all our 2015 home games." 

DJ KattzzNBlastzz is well known in Europe for his experimental techniques involving dramatic light and laser shows, stage actors, triple mounted de-tuned MOOG synthesizers, as well as incorporating Italian accordion folk music into all his shows. 

"We felt that we wanted to really bring up the 'event' status of Sounders' games, so we have given control of the entirety of the north end and the Hawks Nest over to DJ KattzzNBlastzz. There will be a restricted dress code entrance, laser lights, fog machines,  and we have obtained permission from Major League Soccer to play EDM music over the public address system for the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of every 45 minute period during every match this season" said Donner.

The Nutmeg News was able to speak with DJ KattzzNBlastzz at his home in Tampa, Florida.

"This shiznay is gonna be off the hook! It's dope, its wild, It's gonna be sliding right all game long jus' like Tinder! We are gonna break your neck and getcha on the dance floor for the Sounders. Forget that Rave Green, we gonna be Rave City. Do you feel me, bro? It's gonna be hashtag awesome."

The Nutmeg News was able to confirm that the Sounders' Front Office will also be turning over National Anthem duties to DJ KattzzNBlastzz. 

"Yeah, bro! I've got a dope 12 minute Trance version of the national anthem that people gonna feel. It's gonna blow Jimi out of the water. Peace, Jimi!"