Sepp Blatter To Design 2015 NWSL Kits

Zurich, CH - FIFA and the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) announced today that Sepp Blatter will be designing the kits for all the teams in the league for the 2015 NWSL season. 

"Mr Blatter is a strong, passionate devotee of Women's Fashion and understands the cutting edge of haute couture on the fashion scene today", said Thomas Szubaj of the FIFA General Council on Women In Sport. 

The FIFA General Council on Women In Sport convenes annually in Zurich to discuss matters regarding sports and the place of women in them. The all male board includes such soccer luminaries as Sunil Gulati, Sepp Blatter, Thomas Szubaj, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Sheikh Ali Bin Khalifa, and the recently resigned Jack Warner. 

"We believe that with a bit of tailoring and a difference in cuts to the way in which the shirts and shorts fit we could affect a major difference in the popularity of the sport", said Mr Blatter. "All one must do is look at the recent blouses displayed by Barbara Casasola at London Fashion week to understand how fashion can relate to sportswear". 

The blouses referenced by Mr Blatter had sheer panels over the front of the models and The Nutmeg News asked Mr Blatter about this, "We at FIFA think that women's bodies are beautiful and that since people would want to see all of their bodies, they should be allowed to do so. After all, what purpose do women in sport serve but to rile up the blood vessels and give us men purpose and vigor."

On the charges of whether sheer paneling over the nipples of NWSL players would be sexist Mr Blatter had the following to say, "First they said women shouldn't wear skirts when they play, then they said women shouldn't wear tight bikinis, then they said women shouldn't wear tiny shorts and crop top kits, I feel like it is others who are oppressing the amazing opportunity that women have to show us their bodies. We at FIFA believe that it isn't exploitation, but rather an opportunity for us to sell the women's game on the fronts and backs of our players."