Fox Sports Anchors Run Out Of Things To Say During Half Time Show

LOS ANGELES - After running out of salient points and irreverent banter during a recent UEFA Champions league game, Fox Sports decided to finish their half-time segment with a video that contained nothing but multi-camera replays of the on the field incidents from the game they were currently broadcasting.

"We just didn't have anything else to say!" said Rob Stone. "Every bit of minutia and meaningless banter was all used up in the previous weeks and we looked at each other with the realization that we were done talking." 

After 30 seconds of pure silence the Fox Sports broadcast team switched over to a quickly cobbled together replay of interesting events in the game with nothing but crowd noise as audio. Since the television ratings improved during that time, the broadcast team just left it on that video and then eventually moved back to the actual game action.

"We think that perhaps the ratings spike is due to the Fox fan base being tired of hearing argumentative co-anchors and oft used sports cliches and would rather watch the actual events of the game instead of hearing our anchors opinions", said director of programming Mike Nelson. "I mean what would you rather watch, a bunch of old players and sports anchors talking about what they would have done back in the 80's or a multi-camera video replay of a beautiful save?"

The Nutmeg News was able to confirm that despite the success of the broadcast, that the Fox Sports corporate office has placed an emphasis on expanding the current half-time show with more co-hosts, more sponsors, more robots kicking soccer balls, more United States flags for absolutely no reason during European games, more meaningless FIFA video game simulations, and more pundits talking about the good old days and the lost art of tackling.