Toronto Football Club announces two new mascots

TORONTO - Toronto Football Club (TFC) have announced today that they will create two new mascots for the 2015 season. The Toronto press release is below.

“We know that our most loyal Toronto Fans have been expressing their desire for us to promote and expand family friendly offerings at BMO Field. To that extent Toronto FC is proud to welcome two new mascots to the Toronto football family: Argo the Bear, sponsored by Bank of Montreal, and Freddy the Flare, sponsored by Kokanee Beer.

Argo was created by our design team to capture the admiration of kids and parents alike with his lighthearted antics. Freddy’s role on game day is to run around and try to stir up trouble or embarrass Argo.

Our plan is to have Freddy antagonize Argo before the start of the game but eventually get captured by Argo and security and put in a cage just before the teams make their way out onto the field. During the game Argo will wander around greeting guests, giving hugs, and of course starting stadium wide waves. Freddy will escape during halftime at which point Argo has to work out a way of putting him back before the game starts again. Generally this will result from Freddy stumbling around and inevitably falling over as this always gets laughs from kids and their parents.

We will also use their interplay as a way of helping to encourage knowledge about the soccer culture we have been working so hard to develop. Argo will have a comically large TFC Supporters Code poster that he will run around and beat Freddy with whenever Freddy starts stirring up too much trouble for Argo.

We know that by introducing these mascots we will help the next generation of TFC supporters to not only enjoy the games as children but grow up a with a firm understanding of what it means to be a true supporter and how to impart that passion upon their children.