Woman Giving Opinion On The Faults Of A 3-5-2 Finds That Area Man Is Actually Listening

Newark, NJ - Soccer fan Georgia Ustamento was amazed to find that her opinion on the weaknesses and faults of a 3-5-2 formation were actually listened to by her friend Donald Jamison.

So the problem lies in the fact that the wingbacks... wait.... you are actually paying attention?

So the problem lies in the fact that the wingbacks... wait.... you are actually paying attention?

Ms. Ustamento was, reportedly, shocked that Mr. Jamison seemed to be actually listening to her opinion and nodding in agreement instead of quickly shouting out, "No, no, no you've got it all wrong" and telling her how it really is.

Ms. Ustamento spoke with The Nutmeg News on Wednesday evening about the situation, "Well, Donald was actually listening. Usually by the time I get past the recent score he tends to zone out, check his phone, and then come roaring into the conversation by loudly stating, 'I don't think you quite understand, so let me explain' and then adjusting his seating position to lean closer to me. However, this time I got all the way to the description of why the diagonal ball creates a difficulty for the wingback and centerback before I realized he hadn't said anything."

The Nutmeg News spoke to Mr Jamison about this rare moment of non-judgmental friendship and he had the following to say, "Well, yeah... I mean, um sure... she was talking about soccer, which is great, but honestly....there was a cute girl over Georgia's shoulder and I was just trying to look cool and collected in order to flirt with her."

Ms Ustamento had the following to say in response to Mr Jamisons comments, "Guys just don't get football, all they think about is restaurants and getting laid."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ms. Ustamento clarifies her viewpoint on the Gegenpressing tactics of Jurgen Klopp while Mr. Jamison thinks about which restaurant in the Newark area is appropriate for a first date, while also keeping alive the possibility of getting laid.