Soccer Writer Works All Day On Salient Tactical Point Only To Realize It Is Bullshit

Boston, MA - Soccer writer Brad Yellowbrook spent most of Tuesday coming up with a salient tactical point about the United States Men's team only to realize it was unmitigated bullshit.

I can't believe that I spent all day on this.

I can't believe that I spent all day on this.

Mr. Yellowbrook admitted to The Nutmeg News that he spent all day trying to find a reason why the United States is tactically deficient in certain areas only to accept that he was forcing the facts to fit his viewpoint instead of the other way around.

"I've been watching video all day, looking at photos and I realized that my theory is actually incorrect. I mean, this is a gut punch at a massive level as I already wrote 3,000 words on what is the real reason for the struggles of the United States only to realize that my premise is completely flawed," stated Mr Yellowbrook to our reporter. "I thought about publishing it, but despite what you may think... most people don't want to read 3,000 words of complete bullshit unless it really bashes Klinsmann, so I would have to change my entire premise again to fit the facts that I found."

Mr Yellowbrook stated that he wasn't getting paid to write any of this and that he neglected his day job as a programmer in order to do all this work that has now evaporated due to a failed premise.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr Yellowbrook obsesses about his premise, spending most of Wednesday and Thursday thinking about a way in which he could fix this so that he could stop working at his crap job that actually pays his bills.